Absorption Test: China Gray (Elberton Match) vs India Dark Gray



Water Absorption Tests:

Convention Water Absorption Test

Convention Water Absorption Test






Waters Absorption Test - Swan Stonarts Bryan, TX

Waters Absorption Test – Swan Stonarts Bryan, TX







As seen above, the China Gray has a discoloration due to water absorption not present in India Dark Gray. The reason for that is the difference in porosity between the 2 granite types. Porosity is a measure of the ratio of volume in a stone to the total volume of the stone.

We measured the following porosity for China Gray and India Dark Gray:

China Gray: 3.12%

India Dark Gray: 2.59%

China Gray was shown to be 20.5% MORE POROUS than India Dark Gray!! This means there is 20.5% more empty space in China Gray stones compared to India Dark Gray stones, this allows more water to be absorbed and stay in the China Gray stones than India Dark Gray stones.

What does lower porosity mean for monuments?

  1. No ugly water marks on your stones
  2. Less staining due to hard water from sprinklers
  3. Negligible corrosion due to salt water/seasalt air in coastal regions

This means fewer replacement stones, fewer repairs, and less cleaning which adds up to savings for both you and your customers!

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